Blue Attic Audio

Blue Attic Audio is a small business run by Ali Reay (proprietor). The services we provide are primarily PA hire, Recording and Production.
At the moment the studio facility is project based and allied to Northern Lights Music.
Northern Lights Music is a new record label, management, promotions and publishing company run by Kevin Daley.

You can check them out here -   

Some of the artists recorded at Blue Attic include:

Holy Moly and the Crackers

Debut album - "First Avenue"
Three track EP - "Cocaine", "Ain't no Grave", "Lily"

Jukebox Gypsy

1st Album - "jukebox Gypsy" - (mixed only)
2nd Album - "The Month" - (mixed only)
3rd Album - "Live at the Bog Lane Theatre" - (mixed only)

The Proper Boys

1st Album - "Leap of Faith"
2nd Album - "True Colours"

The Junco Partners

Album - "Almost Down in New Orleans"

Ben Blance

1st Album - "Ten Butterflies"
2nd Album - "Fragile Moon"
3rd Album - "These Days Will Pass"

Whitaker Waller and Harcourt

Album - "Secret Life"

Andrew Mavin

EP - "Rainy Day Downtown"
Single - "The Attic"

Paul "Elvis" Priestly

2 Albums - Live

Other studios used during recording were: Base HQ, Cluny Studios and Loft Music Studios.

P.S. The dog video on the home page has nothing to do with me it's just bloody funny !!!